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The Web Quality book

The Web Quality book

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Theme Level Num. Description Details
Alternatives Level 2 87 Audio captchas can be played again at will
Forms Level 1 37 Complex processes are provided with a list of steps
Server and performance Level 3 214 The main navigation menu is featured on personalised error pages
Navigation Level 1 55 Each page gives information as to where it is located in the site's hierarchy
Hyperlinks Level 2 124 The site applies a different style to unvisited and visited links
Presentation Level 1 67 The design is consistent all over the site
Code Level 2 90 Text that can be designed through styles is not replaced by images
Navigation Level 2 131 Navigation icons are provided with an explicit legend
Files and multimedia Level 1 31 Sounds and videos are started by the user
Identification Level 1 44 The identity of the person or of the service responsible for the contents is provided
Navigation Level 1 54 If all the pages in a site cannot be reached directly from the home page, then a site map can be reached from each page
Alternatives Level 2 85 Information are not conveyed by colour alone
Forms Level 1 38 The current step in a process is indicated
E-Commerce Level 2 103 Unavailable products are visually and textually differentiated
Identification Level 1 47 The home page explains the nature of contents and services provided
Identification Level 1 48 If the site is restricted or destined to a specific public, this public is mentioned at least on the home page
Hyperlinks Level 3 186 Consecutive hyperlinks are separated visually
Identification Level 1 45 The site's name and/or the author's name are provided on each page
Hyperlinks Level 1 43 Hyperlinks are visually differentiated from the rest of the content
Internationalization Level 2 130 Each page provides a link to available translations
Navigation Level 2 132 Each page provides “skip links” at the beginning of its source code
Contents Level 1 11 Advertisement or sponsored contents are identified as such
Navigation Level 2 135 New windows that are resized, as well as modal windows, are provided with an explicit close button
Presentation Level 3 204 Contents are presented with a sufficient contrast with their background
Navigation Level 2 133 The search result page indicates the number of results, the number of pages of results, and the number of results per page
Presentation Level 3 206 The site provides one or more style sheets for mobile browsers
Presentation Level 2 140 The site provides at least one print stylesheet
Presentation Level 3 203 The amount of different fonts used on the site is less than or equal to three (except when showing works or graphic products)
Code Level 1 3 Each page's content is organised according to a hierarchical heading and sub-heading structure
Hyperlinks Level 1 42 Underlining cannot be used for other elements than hyperlinks
Forms Level 1 39 The label of each form field indicates if input is mandatory
Files and multimedia Level 1 34 Animations, sounds and blinking can be paused
Forms Level 2 119 The label of each form field indicates if need be what input format must be used
Forms Level 3 182 Each form label is visually linked to the form field it describes