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Rubrique Description
1 Alternatives Every image is provided with a proper alternative text
3 Code Each page's content is organised according to a hierarchical heading and sub-heading structure
4 Code Le site n'impose pas de redirection ou de rafraîchissement automatique côté client.
5 Code Les styles ne sont pas utilisés pour générer du contenu.
8 Contact Mail and phone information about local agencies or headquarters of companies and organisations are provided
9 Contenus Each page provides a title that enables one to identify its content
12 Contenus Each page provides a title that enables one to identify the site
14 E-Commerce Estimated delivery date is indicated before final order placement
15 E-Commerce Sale and use terms and conditions can be reached from every page
17 E-Commerce The nature and quantifiable characteristics of products and services (dimensions, duration, countenance, etc.) are indicated
18 E-Commerce The availability of products is indicated before the final order submission
21 E-Commerce Modifying each article's quantity, adding and deleting one or more articles is still possible as long as the order has not been definitely placed
23 E-Commerce Accepted payment means are indicated, as well as procedures for each of them
24 E-Commerce Conditions of guarantee (duration, options, extensions, prices, restrictions, etc.) are indicated
25 E-Commerce Customer support service conditions (prices, opening hours, means of contact, etc.) are indicated
26 E-Commerce Different shipping and billing addresses can be specified
27 E-Commerce Information about zones of product or service delivery are indicated
31 Fichiers et multimédia Sounds and videos are started by the user
33 Fichiers et multimédia The format of downloadable files is indicated
34 Fichiers et multimédia Animations, sounds and blinking can be paused
35 Formulaires Chaque champ de formulaire est associé dans le code source à une étiquette qui lui est propre.
36 Formulaires In the case when data entered in a form were rejected, the fields containing the rejected data are indicated to the user
37 Formulaires Complex processes are provided with a list of steps
38 Formulaires The current step in a process is indicated
39 Formulaires The label of each form field indicates if input is mandatory
41 Hyperliens Each link has a proper label in the source code
42 Hyperliens Underlining cannot be used for other elements than hyperlinks
43 Hyperliens Hyperlinks are visually differentiated from the rest of the content
49 Internationalisation Le code source de chaque page indique la langue principale du contenu.
54 Navigation Si toutes les pages du site ne sont pas directement accessibles sur la page d'accueil, un plan du site est accessible sur chaque page.
55 Navigation Each page gives information as to where it is located in the site's hierarchy
57 Navigation The site can be navigated in its entirety using only a keyboard
60 Navigation Navigating the site does not open any popup window
62 Navigation If all the pages in the site cannot be reached through the site map, then an internal search engine can be reached on each page
68 Sécurité et confidentialité The site provides a way to reinitialise a password if it's lost, stolen or forgotten
69 Sécurité et confidentialité Sensitive data are securely transmitted and signalled as such
71 Sécurité et confidentialité Information relative to transaction security are provided
73 Sécurité et confidentialité Security certificates are signed and currently valid
76 Serveur et Performances The server sends information to enable the caching of contents
78 Serveur et Performances The server sends a personalised 404 Not found error page
80 Serveur et Performances The server compresses contents if the client accepts compressed contents
84 Tableaux Les cellules des tableaux de données sont reliées à leurs en-têtes.
85 Alternatives Information are not conveyed by colour alone
86 Alternatives Embedded objects are provided with a proper alternative
93 Contact Every information request is met with an acknowledgement of receipt
103 E-Commerce Unavailable products are visually and textually differentiated
104 E-Commerce The site accepts at least two means of payment
108 E-Commerce Opening hours and prices for all services made available to customers are indicated
115 Formulaires In the case when data entered in a form was rejected, the reasons for the rejection are indicated to the user
116 Formulaires When a form spans several pages, a global summary is displayed before the final form submission
117 Formulaires In the case when data entered in a form was rejected, all the data entered can be modified by the user
118 Formulaires The submission of a form is followed by a feedback message indicating if the action worked or not
119 Formulaires The label of each form field indicates if need be what input format must be used
122 Hyperliens The site does not forbid incoming links
125 Identification The site's root contains instructions for spiders and robots
126 Identification The source code for each page contains a metadata describing the page's content
128 Identification The source code of the pages contains a valid call to a favourite icon (“favicon”)
144 Sécurité et confidentialité The aim of using cookies, as well as the consequences of refusing them, are explained
148 Sécurité et confidentialité Passwords can be chosen and changed by the user
172 E-Commerce Refunding conditions (delays, expenses and vouchers needed) are indicated
173 E-Commerce The address and the conditions for returns (on site, to workshops) are indicated
177 Fichiers et multimédia Running animations does not block access to navigation or content
182 Formulaires Each form label is visually linked to the form field it describes
187 Hyperliens Each hyperlink's label describes either its function or the nature of its target
191 Identification The site provides a sitemap file listing contents to be crawled
204 Présentation Contents are presented with a sufficient contrast with their background
214 Serveur et Performances The main navigation menu is featured on personalised error pages
215 Serveur et Performances Script functions are put into external files
216 Serveur et Performances Scripts are minified
217 Serveur et Performances Style information are minified

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