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Rule n° 19 - Accounts and subscriptions opened online can be closed online by the same method.

Many services and Internet sites offer or even require, the direct creation of an account to access the content and services. The closure of the account must be possible with the same ease as it opened.

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  • Spare the user complicated procedures in order to leave the service.
  • Let the user know, right off the bat, that they won’t be trapped into the service.
  • Cut the cost of user account management.
  • Boost confidence in the site or service.
  • Improve your reputation and reduce the risk of bad press.


Provide an automated account closure procedure (a form) on the website if the account creation itself is automated

Provide a closure request form on the website if account creation is delayed.


In any website offering the creation of a user account:

  • Create an account then check the possibility of closing it or requesting its closure online, via a similar process.

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