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Rule n° 25 - External links that open in a new window don't share contextual information.

Opening links in new windows is possible if you take some precautions. In particular, the opening of the new window must be reported, this is precisely the object of best practice 141. But that's not all, you must also make sure that context information does not circulate between the origin and destination sites. This precaution can avoid security and performance problems.

#Personal data #Development #Privacy


  • Preventing the transmission of personal data.
  • Prevent the execution of malicious code.
  • Prevent performance losses related to the sharing of resources in multiple windows.
  • Strengthen user confidence in the use of their data


Provide each link with a target="_ blank" attribute with a rel="noreferrer noopener" attribute.


check for each link with a attribute target="_ blank" the presence of the attributerel="noreferrer noopener".

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