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Rule n° 137 - Internal and external hyperlinks are differentiated.

By default, browser style sheets provide different colours for visited and non-visited links. It is quite legitimate to change this unseemly blue and purple, but why not keep this difference which is useful to the visitor?

#Links #Development


  • Clearly inform users that they are about to
  • Leave the online service that they were visiting.
  • Facilitate the identification of external links.


It is possible to add the information "external link" in the wording of the link (text, specific HTML icon), in the title attribute of the link by taking and completing the wording there, using the formatting (CSS icon) or the behaviour of the link (opening in a new window reserved for external links, with prior warning).


For each page containing links:

  • Check that internal and external links are differentiated by means of text, an icon or behaviour which is specific to them. Verification is done manually by visually checking the links.

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