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Rule n° 191 - The content of each page can be printed without printing the navigation blocks.

Print a web page on an A4 sheet. Put your finger on one of the menu items. Ofcourse nothing happens because printing menus is, in the main, a waste of paper and ink.

#Eco-conception #Presentation #Development


  • Improve the readability and the relevance of the printed content.
  • Streamline the space used by the printed content and save paper.
  • Reduce the energy impact related to the consultation of the site.


Provide a CSS stylesheet for media print, which hides navigation blocks via the display property.


This check can be done immediately using the browser's print preview:

  • Check that no menu or other navigation block is displayed in the print preview of the page.

The navigation blocks can be all the nav menus, header or footer elements such as a search form or secondary links, a newsletter registration form, etc.

Learn more: nav on MDN - header on MDN

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