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Rule n° 13 - The search result page indicates the number of results, the number of pages of results, and the number of results per page.

A search results page, it's carefully prepared and polished, it's important. This best practice lists the most practical elements for users.

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  • Give users access to all of the essential information related to the search that they ran.


  • The overall number of results is generally displayed and repeated in the title of each results page (for example: 246 results correspond to your “Example” query).
  • The number of results pages is generally indicated in the navigation menu between the pages.
  • The number of results per page is usually shown before the list of results.


Via the search engine of the website being checked:

  • Perform one or more queries on the search form(s) (depending on the configuration of the results, it may be necessary to test those queries which sequentially have a limited number of results, a large number and no results);
  • Check, in each results page, that the overall number of results is shown;
  • Check, in the case of paginated results, that the total number of results pages and the number of results per page are shown in each results page.

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