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Rule n° 1 - The website provides a way for users to find out about new content and services.

It is not really practical to have a user return to a site and navigate all of the sections to find the new content and/or services.

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  • Enable users to immediately identify new online content and services.
  • Improve the way content is taken into account by search engines and indexing tools.


For example, the different solutions below can be deployed alone or jointly:

  • Publish an RSS feed for site
  • news.
  • Publish a section such as “Website news” or “What's new?"
  • Indicate an account such as Twitter, Facebook or other, where news about the website is published.


Throughout the website, check that new content or services are accessible, for example, through an information channel within the website (RSS news feed, section such as “Website news”, etc.) or an external channel accessible from the website (this must be from the home page) such as a Twitter account.

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