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Rule n° 181 - The size of the clickable elements is sufficient.

Touchscreens have brought their share of constraints. Touchscreens have brought their share of difficulties that need to be taken into account. Not the least of which is the fact that you can interact with your fingers without difficulty. It so happens that international standards for the accessibility of web content for people with disabilities even specify a numerical value for the minimum size of clickable elements. As in the case of contrasts, this provides us with a good practice based on the existence of this numerical value.

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  • Allow the user to click on clickable items.
  • Limit false manipulations and excessive handling.
  • Improve compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Improve the accessibility of content for people with disabilities.
  • Improve compatibility with mobile terminals.


Give each clickable element (buttons, links) a default size of at least 44 by 44 pixels.


Check that the default size of each clickable element (buttons, links) is at least 44 by 44 pixels.

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