Atelier OpenData - Fermé

Theme Title Commentaires
2 Animation The site provides a way for users to keep informed of updates to the data 0
5 Animation A news feed provides information about updates to each dataset 0
4 Animation Examples of reuse (fictitious or real) are provided 0
9 Animation The site enables users to rate and/or evaluate the datasets 0
6 Animation Datasets are accompanied by links or resources that provide user guidance and support 0
7 Animation There is a discussion forum about the datasets 0
3 Animation The site provides an online channel for feedback 0
1 Animation The concept of Open Data is explained 0
8 Animation It is possible to request or suggest the publication of new datasets 0
10 API The mechanisms for accessing and interacting with datasets are documented 0
13 API Dynamic and static versions of the datasets are synchronised 0
14 API When data content exists in multiple formats, the server provides a mechanism for content negotiation 0
15 API If web services for data access are available, the current version of each web service is specified 0
16 API No system is set up to prevent automatic or programmatic data retrieval 0
17 API Each dataset is available through at least one web service 0
11 API If there are conditions on access to a dataset, the method of retrieving the data is documented 0
12 API A specific API command allows the user to determine a dataset's licence 0
20 Applications The site lists existing applications already developed from the datasets available 0
21 Applications Users can keep informed about applications 0
19 Applications The site enables users to add links to relevant applications 0
27 Metadata The datasets are categorised 0
32 Metadata Topics are linked to published vocabularies and taxonomies 0
23 Metadata Each dataset is accompanied by a descriptive record 0
28 Metadata Metadata associated with each dataset is available in a standard format 0
30 Metadata Metadata describing the datasets is structured in a standard way 0
24 Metadata Each dataset includes at least a title and a description 0
25 Metadata A creation date is given for each dataset 0
26 Metadata A last-updated date is given for each dataset 0
22 Metadata The identity and role of the person responsible for each dataset is specified 0
29 Metadata Each dataset is accompanied by a reference to the language used 0
31 Metadata If a dataset refers to a specific geographical area, its spatial coverage is specified 0
33 Format Each dataset includes a reference to the charset used 0
39 Format Where data is provided in a standard format, the format is specified and adhered to 0
37 Format Data is provided in at least one open format 0
40 Format The version or syntax (doctype) or file formats used is available 0
34 Format The format of downloadable files is indicated 0
41 Versions Each dataset comes with a changelog 0
42 Versions One can access different versions of datasets 0
44 Identification Each dataset is given a unique identifier 0
43 Identification The descriptive record contains a direct link to the URL of the data 0
45 Identification A checksum and/or signature is available to verify the validity of each file 0
46 Identification Datasets are accompanied by at least one means of contact for the producer (or maintainer) 0
47 License The datasets are accompanied by a licence 0
49 License Usage rights are provided for an unlimited period 0
51 License The datasets are accompanied by a summary and a link to the full version of the license 0
48 License The licence sets out the conditions of attribution, reuse, redistribution and commercialisation 0
52 Linkeddata Any vocabularies used within the dataset are identified and documented 0
53 Linkeddata Data adheres to the defined syntax of any specified vocabularies 0
54 Linkeddata It is possible to query data and metadata in accordance with standards of the web of data (Linked Open Data) 0
57 Naming If the naming of datasets is the subject of a convention, the convention is made available 0
56 Naming The names of data files contain only alphanumeric characters or characters considered safe 0
61 Transparency If a dataset contains errors or uncertainties or is incomplete, this fact is stated 0
64 Transparency It is possible to obtain information regarding the level of trust accorded to the data 0
59 Transparency If a limit is set on the number of accesses or the amount of data accessed via web services, this limit is specified 0
60 Transparency Any restrictions on access to the data are stated 0
58 Transparency If a dataset contains an expiry date, it is declared 0
62 Transparency An update frequency is given for each dataset 0
63 Transparency The publisher of the dataset provides information on its origin 0
65 Usability The size of downloadable files is indicated 0
70 Usability An extract of the data can be previewed 0
66 Usability It is possible to search the metadata 0
68 Usability If the site offers several licences, the search engine allows filtering by licence 0
69 Usability The metadata catalogue is available as a dataset 0
72 Privacy The site provides a means to request removal or anonymisation of data 0
71 Privacy If the data contains personal information, its publication is in accordance with the legislation under which the producer operates 0
38 Format The character encoding used in each dataset is declared 0
35 Format Dates are given in documented formats 0
55 Linkeddata Data sources linked from a dataset are reported 0
67 Usability Extracts from the different datasets are available for download 0
36 Format Dates are available in a standard format 0
50 License Data producers declare their policy on releasing data 0
18 API The metadata catalogue can be retrieved using a standard protocol 0