Atelier Opquast Web Quality Checklist - Fermé

Theme Title Commentaires
0 E-Commerce A product or service can be purchased without creating an account. 24
0 Mobile Users can switch between the website’s mobile and desktop versions from each page. 12
0 E-Commerce The method for retrieving a virtual item is explained before order placement. 10
0 Newsletter Unsubscribing from within the newsletter does not require email confirmation. 34
0 Security and privacy The website offers a security mechanism that limits the sources of its content. 24
0 Security and privacy User passwords allow graphic characters from the ASCII table. 34
0 Mobile Phone numbers can be enabled using the appropriate protocol. 5
0 Alternatives Each decorative image has an appropriate text alternative. 4
0 Files and multimedia Internal PDF documents are given a structure based on headings. 10
0 Navigation Each search result page can be reached by means of a web address. 26
0 Alternatives Each information-carrying image has an appropriate text alternative. 5
0 Security and privacy The server sends information that indicates which domains are allowed to embed its pages in frames 7
0 Alternatives Each decorative image link has an appropriate text alternative. 2
0 Navigation Mechanisms for closing windows are visually attached to their content. 5
0 Mobile Email, URL, telephone, number, search, password, and date and time input fields are assigned an appropriate type. 0
0 Forms The characters entered in a password field can be displayed in clear text. 30
0 Tables Data tables are not replaced by images. 4
0 Mobile The promotion of a mobile app does not use either JavaScript alerts or modal pop-up windows. 10
0 Mobile The server does not force redirects from the desktop version to the mobile version. 1
0 Presentation Styles do not justify the text. 28
0 Security and privacy Accounts can be created without the need to use a third-party identification system. 13
0 Code Each HTML ID is only used once per page. 5
0 Mobile The website does not block the browser’s zoom functionalities. 0
0 Security and privacy The server indicates each resource’s MIME type. 14
0 Security and privacy Account creation is subject to a confirmation process. 13
0 Mobile JavaScript alerts and modal pop-up windows inviting the user to install a mobile app only appear once each session. 1
0 Forms Copy-and-paste is possible in the form’s fields. 15
0 Navigation Mechanisms for closing windows are shown in the same location on every page. 4
0 Security and privacy The server sends activation information for protection against cross-site scripting. 8
0 Forms The user is warned that they will lose information if they go back using their browser’s history during a complex process. 18
0 Navigation Mechanisms for closing windows are immediately available. 29
53 Navigation Each iframe has its own description. 8
97 Code Elements that are visually displayed as lists are tagged in an appropriate way in the source code. 0
28 E-Commerce No additional products or services are added to the shopping cart without a customer action. 0
182 Forms Every form label is visually attached to the field that it describes. 0
61 Navigation The site does not contain any links to pages under construction. 12
63 Navigation The site does not resize the browser window. 1
74 Security and privacy The privacy and confidentiality policy can be reached from any page. 0
23 E-Commerce The accepted payment methods and their associated procedures are indicated. 0
118 Forms Form submission is followed by a message indicating whether or not the action was successful. 0
214 Server and performance The main navigation menu is displayed on personalized error pages. 0
126 Identification Each page’s source code contains metadata that describe the content. 0
160 Code The first occurrence of an abbreviation or an acronym in the body of any page provides an explanation of its meaning. 0
55 Navigation Each page displays information as to where it is located in the site’s tree structure. 0
95 Contents The site provides a way for users to find out about new content and services. 0
212 Server and performance The server respects the preferential order of languages specified in user agents 0
172 E-Commerce The conditions for getting a refund are explained. 0
102 E-Commerce Dispute procedures are explained in the general terms of sale or use. 0
148 Security and privacy Passwords can be chosen and changed by the user 0
138 Navigation If the site is not restricted to a specific public, its content can be accessed directly. 0
87 Alternatives Audio captchas can be replayed at will. 0
136 Navigation Navigation blocks of the same nature are in the same place on every page. 0
46 Identification The identity of the person or the service responsible for the content is provided. 0
135 Navigation New windows that are specially sized and modal windows are all equipped with explicit close buttons. 0
193 Internationalization Each language change is indicated. 0
40 Forms The page displayed after the form’s submission allows the user to return to their navigation directly. 0
129 Internationalization The main language of a link’s target page is provided, if different from the original page. 2
104 E-Commerce The website accepts at least two payment methods. 0
127 Identification The complete address and phone number of companies and organizations can be reached from all of the site’s pages. 0
110 Public spaces The conditions for moderation of public spaces are explained. 0
143 Security and privacy The server does not list files in folders that do not have index files 0
94 Contact Response times are provided for information requests. 0
13 E-Commerce Financing conditions are indicated. 0
106 E-Commerce The transaction’s reference number is displayed to the customer, once the order has been placed. 0
187 Hyperlinks Each hyperlink’s label describes either its function or the nature of its target. 0
181 Forms The user is warned whenever a field is case-sensitive. 0
73 Security and privacy Security certificates are signed and currently valid 1
134 Navigation Keyboard navigation is set up in a predictable order. 0
37 Forms Complex processes are accompanied by a list of their steps. 0
194 Internationalization Links to translated versions point directly to the current page’s translation. 0
211 Security and privacy A mechanism raises the user's awareness regarding their password's level of security 0
198 Newsletter It is possible to unsubscribe from newsletters from the website. 0
70 Security and privacy Sensitive data are not transmitted literally through URLs 0
208 Presentation Content is only designated by its shape or its position on the screen. 0
56 Navigation It is possible to go back to the homepage from any page. 0
67 Presentation The design is consistent throughout the site. 0
85 Alternatives Information is not conveyed by color alone. 0
90 Code Text that can be formatted using styles is not replaced by images. 0
111 Public spaces Public spaces offer at least one way to report abuse. 0
99 Code The content and meaning of each page are not altered when styles are disabled. 1
131 Navigation Navigation icons are provided with explicit legends. 0
149 Security and privacy The process of accessing and modifying personal data is explained 0
139 Code Content that should be reproduced by screen readers is not hidden from them. 1
31 Files and multimedia Sound and video are launched by the user. 0
44 Identification The identity of the author, the company or the organization is provided. 0
18 E-Commerce Product availability is shown before final order placement. 0
201 Newsletter The newsletters’ frequency can be found before subscribing. 0
93 Contact Every information request submitted produces an acknowledgment of receipt. 0
50 Internationalization The country is mentioned for all mailing addresses. 3
66 Newsletter Subscribing to newsletters is subject to a confirmation process. 0
101 E-Commerce Any mention of an affiliation with a professional association, or endorsement by a label or an award, features a link to the source. 0
62 Navigation The site offers an internal search engine. 5
26 E-Commerce Different shipping and billing addresses can be specified. 0
48 Identification If the site is reserved or intended for a specific audience, that audience is mentioned, at least on the homepage. 1
175 E-Commerce The procedure for submitting a complaint and for how it will be handled is explained. 0
54 Navigation The site map can be reached from every page. 19
205 Presentation The content of each page can be printed without navigation blocks. 2
10 Contents Information about copyrights and reuse rights can be accessed from every page. 0
51 Internationalization The country code is provided for all phone numbers 10
109 Public spaces Content and files intended for public spaces can be checked before upload. 5
145 Security and privacy Accounts and subscriptions opened online can be closed online 0
169 Contents If the site provides a personal space (or a subscriber space), personal content can be backed up in a standard format. 0
16 E-Commerce The company’s or organization’s legal registration number, issued in its home country, is provided. 0
153 Tables Data tables are not simulated through styled text 17
38 Forms The current step in a complex process is indicated. 0
29 Public spaces The site provides at least one means of contacting the moderator of public spaces. 0
22 E-Commerce The detailed sub-total is indicated before final order placement. 3
151 Syndication The site provides at least one link to each syndication feed 0
6 Code Dates are presented in an explicit format. 0
69 Security and privacy Sensitive data are securely transmitted and signalled as such 0
19 E-Commerce The displayed prices show the applied taxes and any additional charges, as well as tax-exclusive prices. 0
186 Hyperlinks Consecutive hyperlinks are separated visually. 0
144 Security and privacy The aim of using cookies, as well as the consequences of refusing them, are explained 0
200 Newsletter The latest edition of the newsletter is available online. 0
25 E-Commerce Customer support service conditions are provided. 0
11 Contents Advertisements and sponsored content are identified as such. 0
103 E-Commerce Unavailable products are differentiated by visual and textual means. 0
107 E-Commerce Debit and charge conditions are explained before final order placement. 0
190 Identification If the site claims to adhere to one or more standards or guidelines, a link is provided to each of them. 0
57 Navigation The site can be navigated in its entirety using only a keyboard. 11
15 E-Commerce The terms of sale and use can be accessed from every page. 0
188 Hyperlinks Internal and external hyperlinks are differentiated. 0
164 Code Each page’s source code contains no elements that were misused for presentational purposes. 8
43 Hyperlinks Hyperlinks are visually differentiated from the rest of the content. 0
132 Navigation Each page provides skip links at the beginning of its source code. 14
72 Security and privacy The identity of third-parties involved in transactions is provided 0
120 Hyperlinks Hyperlinks of the same nature have identical colors, shapes and behaviors on all pages. 0
150 Server and performance The server sends a personalized 403 “Forbidden” error page. 0
98 Code Navigation blocks are located in the same place in every page’s source code. 0
192 Internationalization Links to equivalent versions of a page or site are written in the target language. 0
14 E-Commerce The estimated delivery date is shown before final order placement. 0
171 E-Commerce The site provides at least one means of contacting the person in charge of complaints. 0
64 Newsletter An unsubscribe link is provided in each newsletter. 2
124 Hyperlinks The site applies a different style to visited and unvisited links. 8
166 Alternatives Typographic symbols have an appropriate alternative. 5
189 Identification The extension used is consistent with the entity’s identity, activities, geographical area or domain name. 12
27 E-Commerce Information is provided about the products or services delivery zones. 0
122 Hyperlinks The site does not prohibit or restrict incoming links. 11
112 Files and multimedia The text of internal PDF documents can be selected. 7
165 Contact The data in the site’s WHOIS information allow users to connect it with its owner. 18
68 Security and privacy The site provides a way to reinitialise a password if it's lost, stolen or forgotten 5
92 Contact The site provides at least two means of contact. 0
167 Contents A lexicon or a glossary adapted to the target audience explains the industry-specific or technical vocabulary used. 0
173 E-Commerce The address and the terms and conditions for returns (on-site, at the workshop, etc.) are provided. 0
176 Public spaces Information intended for public spaces can be previewed in their final form. 0
47 Identification The homepage explains the nature of the content and services on offer. 0
24 E-Commerce Warranty conditions are specified. 0
45 Identification The name of the website and/or its author is displayed on every page. 0
204 Presentation Content is presented with sufficient contrast to its background. 0
71 Security and privacy Information relative to transaction security are provided 1
32 Forms There is an input error prevention mechanism for user password creation. 17
123 Hyperlinks All hyperlinks internal to the site are valid. 0
174 E-Commerce Every complaint submitted produces an acknowledgment of receipt. 0
202 Newsletter Newsletter archives are available online. 5
108 E-Commerce The hours and prices for the services offered to customers are listed. 1
133 Navigation The search result page indicates the number of results, the number of pages of results, and the number of results per page. 0
7 Contact The site provides at least one means of contact. 0
8 Contact Mail and phone information for companies’ and organizations’ local branches or headquarters are provided. 0
105 E-Commerce An email providing the transaction’s reference number and the order details is sent after order placement. 0
21 E-Commerce Users can still modify each item’s quantity, and add or delete one or more items, as long as the order has not definitively been placed. 0
17 E-Commerce The nature and quantifiable characteristics of products and services are provided. 0
20 E-Commerce The period of validity and conditions of special offers and promotions are indicated. 0
154 Alternatives Captchas are accompanied by an alternative access solution. 8
195 Files and multimedia The language of downloadable files is mentioned, if not the same as on the original page. 0
41 Hyperlinks Each link has a proper label in the source code. 2
80 Server and performance The server compresses contents if the client accepts compressed contents 0
215 Server and performance Script functions are put into external files 2
100 Code Each page’s source code contains metadata that define the character set used. 0
191 Identification The website provides a sitemap file listing the content to be crawled. 0
217 Server and performance Style sheets are minified 8
125 Identification The site’s root contains instructions for web crawlers. 0
158 Code Each page's source code does not contain any presentational tag or attribute 0
89 Code The character encoding is UTF-8. 0
142 Presentation The display font size is expressed in variable units, not fixed units. 12
210 Presentation Words are capitalized for decorative purposes by means of styles. 0
3 Code Each page’s content is organized according to a hierarchical structure of headings and sub-headings. 10
216 Server and performance Scripts are minified 3
206 Mobile The website offers one or more mechanisms for adapting to mobile devices. 11
81 Syndication The source code of syndication feeds indicates their update frequency 10
76 Server and performance The server sends information to enable the caching of contents 1
128 Identification The source code of the pages contains a valid call to a favourite icon (“favicon”) 0
75 Server and performance Headers sent by the server contain information pertaining to the character set used 0
140 Presentation The site provides at least one style sheet for printing. 7
52 Navigation The site does not use framesets. 1
141 Presentation A generic font family is listed as the last alternative in font family lists. 0
79 Server and performance The server sends a 404 HTTP error code for resources not found 5
82 Syndication Hyperlinks in syndication feeds are absolute 5
42 Hyperlinks Underlining cannot be used for elements other than hyperlinks. 7
35 Forms In the source code, each field in the form is associated with a label that is specific to it. 13
77 Server and performance The address of the site and of its subdomains works with and without a www prefix 3
2 Code Each page’s source code begins with a document type declaration (doctype or DTD), whose syntax is one of those recommended by W3C. 0
155 Alternatives All audio and video content is accompanied by a text transcription. 0
9 Contents Each page provides a title that enables one to identify its content 0
137 Navigation Links to external software have an explicit label. 0
78 Server and performance The server sends a personalised 404 Not found error page 0
4 Code The site does not force any redirects or auto-refreshes on the client side. 0
183 Forms Information supplementing a field’s label is associated with that field in the source code. 21
58 Navigation Keyboard focus has not been removed or masked. 0
116 Forms For forms divided over several pages, an overall summary is displayed before the final version is submitted. 0
115 Forms If any data entered in the form are rejected, the reason(s) why are explained to the user. 0
121 Hyperlinks Hovering over, or activating, hyperlinks does not alter the page layout. 0
39 Forms Each form field’s label indicates whether or not it is a required field. 0
36 Forms If any data entered in the form are rejected, the fields containing the rejected data are highlighted for the user. 0
83 Syndication Syndication feeds can be detected by user agents 0
33 Files and multimedia The format of downloadable files is displayed. 5
147 Tables Captions for data tables are provided 0
177 Files and multimedia Running animation does not block access to navigation or content. 0
185 Forms The lists of form options are presented in an identifiable order. 0
5 Alternatives Content managed by styles has an appropriate alternative. 12
117 Forms If any data entered in the form are rejected, the user can change any of the input data. 0
12 Contents Each page provides a title that enables one to identify the site 0
84 Tables Cells in data tables are linked to their headers 0
86 Alternatives Included objects have an appropriate text alternative. 2
152 Tables Linearising tables used for layout does not impede the understanding of contents 0
60 Navigation Navigating the website does not open any pop-up windows. 0
30 Files and multimedia The length of video and audio content is displayed. 0
49 Internationalization Each page’s source code specifies the content’s main language. 0
184 Forms The items in a drop-down list are grouped together appropriately, where applicable. 0
178 E-Commerce The hardware and software required for the service to run are provided before final order placement. 2
34 Files and multimedia Animations, sounds and blinking can be paused. 0
113 Files and multimedia The size of downloadable files is displayed. 0
59 Navigation The user is warned before new windows are opened. 0
119 Forms Each form field’s label indicates the required data format, if any. 0
0 Forms Navigating through a complex process does not cause any previously-submitted data to be lost. 4
0 Forms Each step in a complex process allows the user to go back to the previous step. 18
0 Security and privacy The headers sent by the server disable automatic detection of each resource’s MIME type. 12