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Rule n° 16 - Account creation is possible without the need to use a third-party identification system.

The third identification systems offered by Facebook, LinkedIn and others are very practical. They avoid users having to create a username and password and they allow site creators to rest on leading players. But the price is high. The closure or deactivation of an account with the third party provider will make the connection impossible. The operation of the third connection system will totally dependent on the sites creator.

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  • let users choose whether or not they want to use a third-party service.
  • Provide an alternate means of access to the service.
  • Provide a means of access under the control of the service’s administrators.
  • Limit your dependence on a third party, whose policies and technical and sales strategy will undoubtedly change over time.


Set up an account creation procedure by entering or creating a username and password specific to the service.


Check that it is possible to create an account without using a third-party service, by entering or choosing a specific username and password.

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