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Rule n° 15 - The process of accessing and modifying personal data is described.

This best practice is often treated as a reference to land on a site. Yet it has a real value, since it requires site administrators to ask the question of updating and sustainability of personal data.

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  • Inform users of how their personal data will be used.
  • Boost confidence in the site or service.
  • Simplify the management of requests related to personal data.


Indicate to the user in a dedicated content section which procedures or means of contact they can use to make a request for access, deletion or correction of their personal data.


On the home page, the legal notices page, the about page, the help page, in the pages on the terms of service or on the privacy policy:

  • Check that there is information on the procedure for accessing or correcting personal data.

The procedure in question is not assessed here: only its presence is checked.

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