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Rule n° 116 - Each audio and video content is accompanied by a text transcription.

Videos and sounds contain text that is not perceptible to the blind, deaf or search engines. This best practice promotes making these contents readable and indexed.

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  • Give users, unable to perceive the proposed sound or image, access to a text
  • transcription as an alternative.
  • Give users, unable to hear the sound, access to the information contained in the
  • video.
  • Enable bots to exploit the information, in order to improve its indexing and
  • referencing, or to translate it using online language tools.


Accompany each audio or video content with a transcription:

  • Either complete (containing the words and a description of the sounds and visual elements necessary for understanding);
  • Or an overview (but reflecting all of the information).
  • _ x000D_

The transcription can:

  • x000D_ Appear on the page where the video or audio content is found;
  • Or be immediately accessible by a link on the page where the video content is located or audio.


Identify each page containing multimedia content and, next to each audio or video content, ensure the presence of a transcription or a link giving immediate access to it.

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