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Rule n° 90 - Copy-and-paste is possible in the form’s fields.

Enter your e-mail address. Are we done? No, now I am going to ask you to enter it again. You might be lazy and want to copy it from the first field and paste it. What right do some sites have to prevent you from doing this? Long live freedom of copy and paste!

#Basics #Accessibility #Development #Forms


  • Simplify form completion.


  • Do not catch onpaste or keydown JavaScript events to block pasting into a form field.
  • Do not catch oncopy or oncut JavaScript events to block copying into a form field.


Check that it is possible to copy the content of each field including password fields (using the browser context menu or, failing that, a mechanism specific to the form).
Check that it is possible to paste content into each field including in password fields (by using the contextual menu of the browser or, failing this, a mechanism specific to the form).

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