Picto thématique

Rule n° 3 - Each page’s source code contains metadata that describes the content.

Metadata is information contained in the source code of a web page that can describe or provide information about it. This best practice regarding the meta description, as its name suggests, is used to describe the page.

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  • Enable search and indexing tools to extract information about the pages’ content and, as a result, Improve the search results returned to users.
  • Improve the way content is taken into account by search engines and indexing tools."


Enter the tag tag, or failing this a specific element having the same function, with a description of the content of the page or website.


In the source code of each page examined:

  • Check for the presence of the tag or an equivalent using, for example, browser development tools.
  • Check that the text of this tag actually describes, in a specific or more generic way, the content of the page.

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