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Rule n° 4 - Dates are presented in an explicit format.

For 12/11/10 does the user refer to 12 November 2010 (European date format) or to 11 December 2010 (US format)? You need to ensure that your users never have to ask this question.

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  • Prevent users from misinterpreting the meaning of a date.
  • Simplify the comprehension and reuse of the relevant content.


  • Make sure the month is written in full ("December") or abbreviated ("Dec"), but not in numerical format.
  • Indicate the 4 digits of the year.

This requirement must be included in content management systems where dates are automated.


Identify the pages with dates, and for each of the dates found:

  • Check that the month is indicated in letters (full or abbreviated), not in a numerical format.
  • Check that the year is indicated as four digits and not two.

The dates to be entered by the end user in the forms are not affected by this best practice: their format, whatever it is, is considered to be sufficiently explicit, as long as the entry is made via a datepicker or manually but with an indication of the expected format (of the "DD/MM/YY" type).

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