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Rule n° 110 - If the website claims to adhere to one or more standards or guidelines, a link is provided to each of them.

Let's imagine that you declare that you comply with a web quality repository (Opquast web quality assurance rules, for example). For reasons of credibility, it is strongly recommended that you point to this reference system or present the criteria. Otherwise, the mention could on the contrary be detrimental to you.

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  • Guide users’ understanding of the quality, accessibility and other rules
  • applied to the website.
  • Increase confidence in the information provided on the website.


Provide a link to each relevant standard or repository.


Throughout the website, and in particular on the home page, the legal notices page, the about page, help page, accessibility page, the terms and conditions or the terms and conditions for delivery and refund:

  • Check that there is a link to each standard or repository that the website or service states that it follows.

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