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Rule n° 22 - It is possible to log out from private areas.

If you are connected to a private area, you generally access information that only concerns you. Consequently, you need to be able to close access to this information at any time. You certainly do not want anyone to be able to come to your workstation, tablet or mobile and directly access the contents. It is therefore fundamental to be able to disconnect from the service at any time.

#Personal data #Development #Privacy


  • Allow user to protect their personal data and content.
  • Limit the risk of identity theft.
  • Strengthen user confidence in the use of their data


Provide users with a mechanism allowing them to deactivate all active connections from their various devices to the service or to the private area.


Connect to the service or to the private area from several different devices, and check that the website allows you to deactivate all active connections.

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