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Rule n° 23 - The website accepts email aliases containing the + sign.

According to Wikipedia, an e-mail alias or alias e-mail is an e-mail address that redirects to another pre-existing one. Messages sent to the alias are forwarded directly, without going through an e-mail box. This rule ensures that email addresses of the form name+xxx@domaine.fr are accepted by the website. This allows users to use a dedicated email for a specific purpose without creating an additional email account. It also improves traceability when the address is given to third parties.

#Privacy #Personal information #Development


  • Allow users to use mail accounts dedicated to a specific use.
  • Allow users to trace the spread of their email addresses.
  • Strengthen user confidence in the use of their data


For any validation of an email address entered by the user, accept addresses of the type foo.bar+something@example.com


Check, for each entry of an email address entered by the user, that the addresses of the type foo.bar+something@example.com are accepted and work (use as an identifier, receipt of an email sent by the website, etc.)

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