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Rule n° 160 - Keyboard focus has not been removed or masked.

The keyboard focus indicates where the cursor is in a page. To see it while you are browsing a site, press the Tab key on your keyboard and you will see it change location on the page. If you don't see it, the site creator may have had the bad idea to delete or hide it.

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  • Allow navigation using the keyboard or input devices or other mechanisms that are not reliant on the mouse.


Be careful not to hide or remove the visual focus effect that indicates which element has been reached when navigating with the keyboard. In particular, do not override the default value of the CSS outline property without replacing it with another custom value or a visual effect which is sufficiently noticeable.

Do not remove keyboard focus using JavaScript (use of the onblurevent).


This check is carried out on all interactive elements, primarily using the tabulation key and, in the interface of certain widgets, using specific movement keys (arrow keys).

For each interactive element contained in the pages checked:

  • Check that there is at least a visual indication of the browser's default focus, or that there is a specific visual indication.

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