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Rule n° 211 - The address of the website and of its subdomains works with and without a www prefix.

When typing directly into the domain.com format, some browsers turn to http//www.domaine.com, others to http://domaine.com. It frequently happens that the latter address returns an error, even on very large sites. Think about it.

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  • Allow users to reach the site’s homepage, even if they forget to enter the “www” prefix.
  • Reduce the energy impact related to the consultation of the site.


Configure the server so that it manages addresses without www (routing).


On some of the pages checked:

  • Remove the prefix “www” in the address of the page, within the URL bar of your browser;
  • Check that you still have access to the website.

Warning: some browsers hide the www prefix by default. The test should therefore be done by adding http:// or https:// in front of the address while omitting the prefix, for example: https://opquast.com.

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