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Rule n° 204 - The server does not send the file listing of directories with no index page.

When a site directory does not have a front page (the site image directory, for example), it may be possible to display its contents. For example, if this good practice is not followed, a Url such as domain.com/ doc/ may allow access to the complete list of documents on the site, even if they are not online.

#Security #Development


  • Prevent the display of lists of files contained in a directory.
  • improve the server’s security.
  • Reduce the risk of intrusion.


Configure the server so that it does not return the listing of files found in a directory. For Apache, add for example options –indexes in the .htaccess.


For each audited site:

  • Check that the call to a directory without a default page - such as the directory of images, JS scripts or style sheets - does not return the listing of the contents of this folder (this action can however lead to an error page or to a redirect).

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