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Rule n° 199 - The website provides a way to reinitialise a password.

Losing your username or password happens to everyone. The procedure to reset should be simple and possible to do it securely online. A lost password can mean a lost user.

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  • Allow users to access their accounts, even if they have lost their passwords.
  • Simplify user account management.
  • Boost security, by preventing the storage of passwords that are unencrypted so they can be re-sent to their users.


Provide a link to send an email explaining the reset procedure, to the address associated with the account.

Ideally, place this link in the login form.


On a website offering a personal account protected by password:

  • Without being identified on the site, check that there is a link such as "Forgot your password?" adjacent to the login form;
  • Check that there is a procedure allowing a new password to be created on the page which the "Forgot your password?" link points to;
  • Check that this is indeed a reset procedure and not just sending the current password.

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