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Rule n° 108 - The site provides at least one means of contacting the moderator of public spaces.

A comment sent a little too quickly or an insulting message present in a forum, it can happen. And often, the authors or Internet users will not fail to warn you, if you have given them the opportunity to do so.

#Identification and contact #Editorial #Privacy


  • Allow users to contact the moderator, so they can request corrections, ask questions or report abuse.


For example, give an email address or create a form to contact the moderator.


In each public area of the website (comments, forum, etc.) or, failing that, in a generic page such as the legal notices page, the contact page, the help section or in the terms of service:

  • Identify a way to contact the moderator;
  • Check that it is possible to contact the moderator using the proposed means of contact.

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