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Rule n° 84 - The user is alerted at the beginning of a complex process to the nature of the required data and documents

Getting an estimate for the price of your car or your house in a few clicks, getting an estimate for a new health insurance policy in a few clicks, it's so tempting, isn't it? How disappointing will it be when users realise that it is necessary to enter their email or credit card number to obtain the promised information. To avoid this, be transparent at the beginning of the process.

#Forms #Design #Accessibility


  • Increase the success rate of the complex process.
  • Maintain and enhance the brand image.


For any complex process, for example an order form, display before the first step the list of documents or specific information that the user must provide in order to complete the process.


Check for each complex process that the list of specific documents or information needed to complete the process is indicated to the user before the first step of the process.

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