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Rule n° 231 - The website does not block access to the contextual menu.

The context menu is the menu that appears "in context" on the web page when you right-click your mouse, or use certain keyboard shortcuts for your operating system. Depending on the browser and software, the options available differ, but are often very convenient. Some site creators have fun disabling the ability to display this pop-up menu. It's useless, it doesn't prevent much because all the menus remain accessible. Basically, don't do that. If it's on the Web, it can be copied. That's the way it is. If someone wants to steal web content from you they will. So there's no point in degrading the experience of bona fide users by implementing techniques that don't even harm the few ill-intentioned users.

#Structure and code #Development


  • Facilitate navigation and access to the functionalities of the consultation tools.
  • Leaving users in control of their menus and actions.


Do not use JavaScript or any other technique to block the "context menu" (right click) functionality of the browser in the website pages.


Check on each page of the website that the context menu of the browser can be opened from all the displayed content.

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