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Rule n° 213 - The website provides a sitemap file listing the content to be crawled.

A sitemap file presents the content that search engines need to explore. It is a kind of sitemap written for machines.

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  • Provide summary information about all of the available content that is machine-readable.
  • Reduce the energy impact related to the consultation of the site.
  • Improve the way content is taken into account by search engines and indexing tools.


Create a sitemap.xml file containing the listing of pages at the root of the website. If the XML format is not used, search engines accept a simple listing of URLs.


Using the URL of the website checked:

  • Check that there is a sitemap.xml file at the root of the site, by accessing it directly in the browser with a URL of the type http://example.com/sitemap.xml;
  • Otherwise, consult the robots.txt file to find a specific URL mentioned in the format sitemap: http://example.com/address/ofthe/file.xml.

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