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Rule n° 73 - The creation of a password by the user is subject to a mechanism for the prevention of input errors.

How many passwords end up being unusable due to a simple input error or inattention during their creation?

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  • Prevent users from entering passwords that don’t match the ones that they wanted or that they memorized.


AMongst the possible implementations :

  • Suggest, after the password entry field, a confirmation field where the password must be entered again and check that the two entries are identical during the submission. In this case, as with all other form fields, make sure to allow copy and paste into form fields.
  • Allowing users to display their password in clear text.
  • Provide a unique login link or code.


In the case of password creation:

  • Check that a mechanism for double entry of passwords, generally in the form of two successive fields, is systematically present.

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