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Rule n° 8 - Advertisements and sponsored content are identified as such.

Editorial or advertising content? Featured article or info-commercial? impartial advice or sponsored ticket? It is better to clarify what it is, so users will know what to expect and will have nothing to reproach you about.

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  • Enable the immediate identification of advertisements and sponsored content.
  • Avoid confusion between editorial and advertising content.
  • Prevent the risks associated with conflicts of interest.


  • Highlight advertisements with a note which allows them to be identified (advertisement, advert, partners etc.
  • And, as far as possible, graphically separate the advertisement from the rest of the content.


In the website being checked:

  • Identify advertising content.
  • Check that all of the areas allocated to advertising are different from the rest of the content and include a statement allowing them to be unambiguously identified: typically, the phrase “advertising” displayed above or below the content in question.

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