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Rule n° 10 - Content and files intended for public spaces can be checked before upload.

It is very annoying to see a message published in a degraded form or to find out after sending it that you have made a large error. The preview allows you to see the contents in context and gives you the possibility to correct or refine them.

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  • Allow users to check their input in context and, if necessary, to correct it before submitting it.
  • Reduce the number of correction and removal requests.


Set up a preview of the information entered before the final submission of the form, with the possibility of modifying it.


For each public space on the website (comments, forum, public personal page, avatar, document portfolio, etc.):

  • Enter information intended to be made public such as images associated with an account or a comment.
  • Check that the final submission of the input form is preceded by a step allowing the user to check and modify their input before publication, if desired.

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