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Rule n° 78 - If any data entered in the form are rejected, the reason(s) why are indicated to the user.

What may seem obvious to the author of a form may be much less so for its users: help them whenever possible.

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  • Help users understand what is expected and, by doing so, facilitate their progression to the next step.
  • Prevent user frustration in the face of mistakes for which they don’t have an immediate solution.
  • Improve the accessibility of content for people with disabilities.


For each field containing rejected data, indicate the nature of the error and provide correction help

  • Either at the start of the form, in a list of incorrect fields;
  • Or in the context of each field, as much as possible using itslabel label.


For each form checked:

  • Check for the various possible errors in each form - no input in a field, non-compliance with a requested or predictable format (format of email address, date, etc.), case sensitivity, etc.
  • If the input is rejected, check that the nature of the error is specified to help in its correction, by one of the means indicated in the implementation paragraph.

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