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Rule n° 79 - If any data entered in the form are rejected, all the data entered can be modified by the user.

It is already frustrating to be told you have made a mistake, but in addition if you have to start because all entered data was deleted ...

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  • Give users control over all of the information that they provide.
  • Simplify the correction of mistakes made by users.
  • Allow users to edit the information they want to change.
  • Prevent the user from leaving the form before it is submitted.


Store all data entered in session variables so that they can be displayed again as they were entered in the fields.

Make it possible to modify fields after data has been rejected.


For each form audited

  • Force data rejection by entering the various possible errors: no input in a field, non-compliance with a requested or predictable format (format of email address, date, etc.), case sensitivity;
  • Then, check that the form is displayed again as it was filled, so that it can be corrected if necessary.

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