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Rule n° 148 - If the website is not restricted to a specific public, its content can be accessed directly.

It maybe a beautiful splash page with the logo of our company and a very nice button for "Enter". Pretty, yes, but a route to early user frustration and potential impingement for others.

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  • Allow users to immediately start navigating the resource they requested.
  • Improve the way content is taken into account by search engines and indexing tools.


Do not impose any element delaying access to content except in the case of content reserved for a specific audience.


On the website checked:

  • Access the home page of the website and an internal page one after the other, using an address entered directly in the browser or from a third party website;
  • Check that the access to the content is immediate, without having to first go through a temporary warning display (except in the case of content reserved for a specific audience such as an adult audience) or an advertising or informational message.

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Business application and benefits

The rules should be applied to your projects from the design phase through to post-implementation , and they should be understood by all professionals with web and customer experience (CX) responsibilities: from strategy to operations, marketers to project managers, and editorial to technical staff. The benefits of using this ruleset are numerous, including improving customer satisfaction, web performance, and e-commerce, and expanding your client base, while also decreasing your errors and costs.

Multidisciplinary verticles - accessiiblity, SEO, e-commerce, ecodesign etc..- starting from the foundational Opquast base.

The objective of these rules and the Opquast community mission is ‘making the web better’ for your customers and for everyone! Opquast rules cover the key major areas of risk that can negatively affect website users such as privacy, ecodesign, accessibility and security.

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