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Rule n° 46 - The information relating to the delivery zones of the products or the realization of the services are indicated.

Among the many possible bad surprises when buying on the Internet, there is the fact of realizing that delivery is impossible or unaffordable. Notify users of what is possible and what is not.

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  • Avoid pointless browsing and orders, or even a waste of time for your users and for the organization that is offering the goods or services.


The information relating to the delivery area must be as follows:

  • Place of the “final delivery”;
  • Opening time of the “final delivery”;
  • Means of contact (telephone, fax, e-mail).

This information must be shown at 3 different times: before payment, after payment and on the order summary email.


On an e-commerce website, in particular within the home page, the legal notices page, the help page, or in the pages on the terms and conditions or the terms of service:

  • Check that there is information on the delivery area covered for products and services.

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