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Rule n° 150 - It is possible to return to the homepage from any page.

A well-designed home page greatly helps Internet users to orient or reorient themselves. At any point in their navigation, they may wish to return to it.

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  • Let users return to the homepage if they get disoriented.
  • Facilitate easy identification of the home page link at all times.


Provide a link to the home page on each page of the website.

Ideally this link is always in the same place (the start of the breadcrumb trail, navigation menu, etc.).

If necessary, use the URL corresponding to the generic address of the website (the domain URL) of the type http://example.com rather than the internal URL of the page, for example http://example.com/V1/welcome.html.

If there is a website logo in the pages, it must be clickable and allow you to return to the home page.


This verification is best carried out, if possible, from the templates and taking into account any third-party services likely to produce pages that do not correspond to these templates.

In each of the pages of the website:

  • Check that it is possible to return directly to the home page from any page, from an explicit link different to the link which may be on the main logo.

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