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Rule n° 157 - Newly dimensioned windows and modal windows are equipped with an explicit close button.

Close a browser window seems obvious? This is not the case for all users, some (seniors, low vision, mobile users or beginners) may have difficulties. So factor them in.

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  • Give users explicit information.
  • Speed up access to the content.


Place, in each sized or modal window, a button or a link with explicit wording for closing and associate this button with a closing action.


For each "real" window (sized popup) or each simulated window displayed overlaying the content (modal window), regardless of the technology used:

  • Check that the body of the sized windows and modal windows contains a button or a link to close them;
  • Check that the wording of the button or closing link is explicit.

Windows which are only closed implicitly, for example via the escape key, invalidate this best practice.

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