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Rule n° 120 - Sounds are user-triggered.

It is close to midnight, the children are sleeping, your surfing the Internet and, suddenly, a site triggers a thunderous sound. Maybe it's happened to you in the office. Lets not embarass our users and take away their control.

#Images and media #Development #Accessibility


  • Give the user control over the visual and auditory interface when visiting a website.
  • Do not surprise the user by unexpectedly playing audio content.
  • Improve the accessibility of content for people with disabilities.


Do not create audio content which starts automatically and without explicit user action.

Do not include in the page elements triggering the playback of an uncontrollable sound for example with the audio html element with the autoplay attribute or without the controls attribute.


In each page containing audio content:

  • Check that there is no audio content automatically activated when the page loads;
  • Check that there is no audio content activated in an unpredictable way following a user action.

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