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Rule n° 53 - The conditions for reimbursement are indicated.

It is in your interest that the consumer has a withdrawal period following an online purchase. Whether the law requires it or not, this withdrawal period will save you as much money in claims.

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  • Allow users to identify the exact documents required, if they need to return a product.
  • Anticipate potential problems, in the case of a refund request submitted after the statutory cooling-off period.
  • Reduce the number of needless procedures and the number of customer service requests.
  • Increase an e-commerce site’s conversion rate.


Indicate, at least in the terms and conditions, information on reimbursement conditions: deadlines, costs and supporting documents required.


On at least one of the following pages: terms and conditions of use or sale, the home page, the legal notices page, the product page, the about page or the help page:

  • Check that there is information on the reimbursement conditions.

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