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Rule n° 122 - The running of video or any animation does not block access to navigation or content.

Some animations imposed on visitors delay the display of the page they wish to access which maybe the primary importance of the site visit. This can cause users to flee: propose but do not impose.

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  • Give users direct, immediate access to the content, even when the webmaster has decided to propose video, animation or an ad beforehand.


In the case of an animation offered in a splash screen, it must include a link allowing direct access to the content without having to wait for the end of the animation.


For each page where access is preceded by an animation:

  • Check that it is possible to override the animation without having to wait for it to end, either by means of a direct link to the site, or by a control allowing it to be stopped.

This best practice is generally for the home page of the website, but it can also be applied in internal pages.

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