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Rule n° 146 - The website does not prohibit or restrict incoming.

The inbound link, also known as a backlink, is the Holy Grail of SEO. Backlinks in a abundance and your site's positioning will improve. Yes, but lurking in the shadows, the legal department watches with its belt and braces and forbids the implementation of inbound links. Don't look for logic in there, there is none.

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  • Facilitate referencing through backlinks.
  • Increase the site’s visibility to users.
  • Improve the way content is taken into account by search engines and indexing tools.


Do not publish conditions restricting or prohibiting the creation of links in external websites pointing to the website.


In the “legal notices” pages, in the terms of service, or in the website credits:

  • Check that there are no conditions restricting or prohibiting links from other websites pointing to the website.

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