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Rule n° 143 - The size of the internal files available for downloading is indicated.

This mention of the file size will allow users to decide when to download a document. For example, a user in a context of mobility or with a slow connection may choose to postpone or not to initiate the download of a file.

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  • Provide advance notice to the users on the quantity of data that will be downloaded, as a
  • Preventive measure.
  • Allow users to wait to download the file over a low-speed or mobile connection.
  • Improve the accessibility of content for people with disabilities.


At the very least, provide a help page indicating the average or maximum size for all of the files available.

Better, indicate the size for each file download link.

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For each download link, check that it is possible to know the size:

  • By generic information given in a help page;
  • By information next to the link: paragraph orli listing element where it is included, title of the preceding section, header cell of the table associated with the relevant table;
  • By the title attribute of the link containing and completing its caption;
  • Or by information given in the link wording.

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