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Rule n° 233 - The text of internal PDF documents can be selected.

A PDF document can contain text either as actual text or as an image in the case, for example, where it would be a scanned document. Be aware that the content of such a document will not be indexed by search engines, or manipulated (to copy, for example), nor accessible to screen readers.

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  • Enable the referencing of the contents of PDF documents.
  • Simplify the handling and reuse of the contents of PDF documents.
  • Ensure the readability of the contents of PDF documents.
  • Improve the accessibility of content for people with disabilities.
  • Improve the way content is taken into account by search engines and indexing tools.


Do not distribute PDFs resulting from the scanning of initial documents, only distribute documents converted to digital format (by OCR if necessary).


For each internal PDF document published on the website:

  • Display or open the document
  • Check that the displayed text is immediately selectable on the screen or that it can be consulted in a screen reader.

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